The Headstrong Project is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Personnel are chosen on the basis of ability without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation, in accordance with federal and state law.





Location:           New York, NY

Reports to:         Board of Directors



The Headstrong Project (Headstrong) was founded in 2012 by Zach Iscol (current Executive Director), a combat-decorated Marine Corps Officer, and other committed colleagues, to provide frictionless, world-class mental healthcare to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress and other hidden wounds.

In partnership with Weill Cornell Medical College, one of the nation’s leading health care centers, and with the help and direction of top clinicians across the country, Headstrong has developed a comprehensive treatment program for post 9/11 Veterans dealing with PTSD, addiction, anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, and anger management.

The Headstrong model directly addresses the challenges and barriers that prevent high quality care for veterans, and has developed effective solutions for eliminating them –  by providing cost-free and individualized assistance through networks of experienced clinicians, and by eliminating the necessity for “bricks and mortar” facilities, long wait times and extensive forms.

The program is highly impactful and unique in its approach, guided by three principles: Headstrong is free of charge, free of bureaucracy, and free of stigma.

The Headstrong Project has experienced rapid growth since its founding and has a current budget of $3 million. The program has provided assistance to over 400 veterans – helping them regain their mental fitness, and currently there are 250 veterans in treatment across the New York Metro area, San Diego and Riverside County, Houston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

Due to its unique model and successful outcomes for veterans, interest in program participation continues to grow on both the supply-side including clinicians and funders and the demand side – veterans in need of mental health care services. A combination of which serve as the basis for future national expansion, with the goal of programs in 20 cities by 2020 and the implementation of hybrid telemedicine programs, to provide care in rural areas.

The Headstrong Project is at an exciting inflection point of scaling its model nationally, after several years of rapid growth and successful programmatic outcomes. The Executive Director role is a compelling opportunity for an exceptional individual who is passionately committed to providing mental health treatment for post-9/11 combat veterans on a national scale.




  • The Executive Director (ED) will manage a successful transition from a founder-led Board, while supporting and guiding team members and partners throughout the organization during a time of exciting change and growth that will require them to:
    • Develop deep knowledge of the field, core programs, operations, strategy and business model of the Headstrong program.
    • Build upon a successful foundation by providing leadership for all strategic and operational aspects of Headstrong, including staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. 
    • Design and execute a national expansion plan with a heavy emphasis on program evaluation and purposeful national networked growth.
    • Create and maintain a sustainable organization, ensuring that necessary resources and infrastructure are in place to deliver the program to 20 cities by 2020.
    • Through personal passion, networks and programmatic efficacy, raise the visibility profile of the organization on a national level.



Strategic Leadership

  • Work closely with the founding Board to ensure a smooth and effective leadership transition.
  • Work collaboratively with the Board to establish the strategy for the next chapter in Headstrong’s development; further develop and refine the national and programmatic expansion model that Headstrong will follow, and define what level of infrastructure and technology investment will be required for success.
  • Lead Headstrong through a strategic transition from a founder-led and entrepreneurial entity to a scaled organization, while ensuring ongoing local programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality of finance and administration, fundraising, communications, and systems; recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the strategic goals.
  • Develop, maintain and support a strong Board of Directors; serve as ex-officio of each committee; seek and encourage board involvement at both a national and local level.
  • Provide support to the Board by preparing meeting agenda and supporting materials
  • Ensure that the Board of Directors is informed of internal and external opportunities or issues that affect the organization
  • Act as a professional advisor to the Board on all aspects of the organization’s activities


Operational, Financial & Programmatic Leadership:

  • Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization.
  • Develop an operational plan which incorporates forecasting, goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization.
  • Ensure that the operation meets the expectations of clients, board and funders.
  • Work with staff and the Board (Finance Committee) to prepare a comprehensive budget.
  • Provide the Board with comprehensive, regular reports on the revenues and expenditure of the organization.
  • Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board.
  • Ensure that sound bookkeeping and accounting procedures are followed.
  • Administer the funds of the organization according to the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash flow of the organization.
  • In close partnership with the clinical team, ensure that the programs and services offered continue to contribute to the organization’s mission and reflect the strategic priorities and mission.
  • Oversee the planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s existing and new programs and services.
  • Monitor the day-to-day delivery of the programs and services of the organization to maintain or improve quality.
  • Draft policies for the approval of the Board and prepare procedures to implement the organizational policies; review existing policies on an annual basis and recommend changes to the Board as appropriate
  • Ensure that personnel, client, donor and volunteer files are securely stored and privacy/confidentiality is maintained.
  • Oversee the planning, implementation, execution and evaluation of special projects.
  • Ensure that the organization complies with all legislation.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization’s people (clients, staff, management, volunteers), property, finances, goodwill, and image and implement measures to control risks.


Fundraising & Communications:  

  • Work with the Board to secure adequate funding for the operation of the organization and execution of the strategic plan.
  • In partnership with the founding board, identify new local and national funding partners and revenue generation opportunities.
  • Build deep and sustained relationships with current funders.
  • Develop a diversified, multi-year development plan to support existing program operations and regional expansion.
  • Create new and innovative ways to ways to raise awareness of Headstrong at a national level and leverage the current business model, program and partnerships to identify high impact cities, new partnership opportunities, and other constituents who will support the replication of the Headstrong model nationwide
  • Deepen and refine all aspects of communications; thoughtfully build the Headstrong brand including the development of a strategic communications plan and social media strategy that actively shares the mission, values and impact of Headstrong, and serves as an aspirational voice for the well-being of all Veterans.
  • Enhance the visibility of Headstrong by being the public face of the organization, and a leading voice for post 9/11 Veterans’ rights to access to high-quality, bureaucracy-free mental health care treatment.
  • Actively engage and energize those responsible for Headstrong’s success: clinicians, team members, board members, event committees, alumni, partnering organizations, funders and – critically – current, past and future clients.


Expansion & Scaling:

  • Design and lead the national expansion; create and complete a strategic business planning process for the program expansion into new markets.
  • Begin to build partnerships in new markets, establishing relationships with funders, and political and community leaders at each expansion site.
  • Be an external local and national presence that publishes and communicates program results with an emphasis on the successes of the local program as a model for regional and national replication.


Team Leadership:

  • Lead, coach, develop, and retain Headstrong’s high-performing senior management team.
  • Implement a performance management process for all staff which includes monitoring the performance of staff on an on-going basis and conducting an annual performance review.
  • Determine staffing requirements for future organizational management and program delivery.
  • Ensure effective systems to track scaling progress, and regularly evaluate program components, in order to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the board, funders, and other constituents.
  • Establish a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all appropriate legislation and regulations.



Professional Experience  

  • 10+ years of progressively responsible senior management experience in a growth-oriented environment; executives without prior nonprofit leadership experience will have a demonstrated commitment and understanding of nonprofit success factors through board and/or volunteer experience; current or previous military-connectedness preferable.
  • Leadership achievement in managing across multiple locations; experience could have been gained developing franchises or leading in an affiliate environment; adept at assessing infrastructure/operational requirements necessary to support growth and expansion to new cities/sites across the US.
  • Demonstrated experience of scaling an organization and taking it to the next level of growth and change; developing/replicating new businesses/models; preparing and executing strategic plans, maintaining strong ties with current partners and funders, and building new and innovative partnerships locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Experience building, operating and/or scaling a networked model is desirable.
  • Prior experience as part of a successful transition from a founder-led organization to one with new leadership, with a sensitivity to team dynamics and institutional history in such an environment, is a bonus.
  • Ability to set clear priorities, delegate and guide investment in people, processes and systems; strong strategic, organization and problem-solving skills that enable sound decision-making in a national multi-site organization and network.
  • Strong financial modeling, forecasting and budgeting skills; experience of technology to support organizational growth, and data sharing between HQ and regional sites; ensure efficient tracking/communication with clinical partners, and to collect and leverage data for funders.
  • Track record of working collaboratively with a Board of Directors on strategic planning; ability to cultivate existing board member relationships; experienced in board recruitment and development.
  • Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures.
  • Proven excellence in organizational management with the ability to motivate and coach staff; manage, and develop high-performance teams; set and achieve strategic objectives and continue to develop a culture of accountability.
  • Unwavering commitment to quality programs and data-driven program evaluation.


Personal Attributes: 

  • Passionately committed to the Headstrong mission of providing confidential treatment to post 9/11 veterans that is cost-free, bureaucracy-free, and stigma free.
  • Authentic leadership style; confident working effectively and collaboratively with diverse groups of people, both internally and externally to the organization, in a national multi-site growth environment.
  • A change agent with the ability to translate strategy into action and execute on operational plans; able to course-correct when required, and engage the board and staff behind a shared vision.
  • Highly-organized in maximizing time, resources and priorities, with the ability to support others to meet their commitments; excellent critical thinking skills and strong detail-orientation.
  • Innovative approach to business planning; collaborative and flexible management style, and a willingness to roll up sleeves when required.
  • Exceptional storyteller and dynamic public speaker; ability to inspire and embrace the role of being the public face of the Headstrong Project.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills; willingness to share information.
  • Comfortable taking calculated risks and advocating for new ideas; in the spirit of innovation and professional development, encourage and empower others to move outside of their comfort zone.
  • Ability to lead, engage, inspire, coach and mentor staff across a national organization.
  • Leads by example and possesses personal qualities of idealism, integrity, positivity, self-direction, and entrepreneurial spirit.



  • Bachelor’s degree required; MBA or other advanced degree/equivalent preferred.



The Headstrong Project is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Personnel are chosen on the basis of ability without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation, in accordance with federal and state law.



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