Headstrong Project on Humans of New York!

We’re honored that Humans of New York (HONY) has featured our clients, the brave veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the trauma clinicians and supportive families who are moving mountains to help them.

Brandon Stanton started HONY as a simple photography project in 2010. Since then, his powerful storytelling has opened our hearts to strangers from every corner of the globe. Now, he’s working with us to tell our story and change the lives of veterans in need.

We are lucky to serve clients that inspire us everyday with their moving stories, but we were also deeply touched by yours. From comments with simple thoughts of encouragement and gratitude, to personal stories and brave admissions, the response has blown us away.

At the end of the Invisible Wound series, chronicled below, Brandon launched a crowd-funding campaign asking viewers to Help Headstrong Help Veterans. HONY fans responded generously, exceeding the $100K goal in a few short hours and raising over half a million dollars with just two days down.

Headstrong Project provides free mental health care to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, delivered by world-class clinicians. And with your support, we can extend our proven program to reach more veterans in need.

Frank, U.S. Army

Jenny, U.S. Army

Elliot, U.S. Marine Corps

Matt, U.S. Army National Guard

Chris, U.S. Marine Corps

Carolyn, U.S. Air Force

Tommy, Recon Marine Corpsman

Sam, U.S. Army Medic

Matt, U.S. Marine Corps Infantry

Derek, U.S. Marine Corps

Waylon, U.S. Air Force Special Operations

General Mark Graham (Ret.) & Carol Graham, U.S. Army

Zach, U.S. Marine Corps Officer

Gerard, Headstrong Project Clinician

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