Are You Ready?

Read more below about the benefits of working with Headstrong to address the hidden wounds of war.

What Being A Community Therapist Means For you

  • Competitive rate compensation with no limit on number of sessions forclients.
  • Ability to refer to other Headstrong therapists in your market for adjunctive treatments or specialized skills.
  • Tele-video case conference with Weill Cornell Clinical team every 8 weeks.
  • Client quality of life survey once a year & a one page symptom checklist 5 times during course of treatment.
  • Safe and secure submission of client notes and invoices.

Interface Starts Here

  • Potential client must provide name -location -branch of service, methods of contact & Time period served.
  • Time period served allows us to gauge whether or not a potential client is eligible for treatment.
  • Currently we are treating veterans & service members who’ve experienced military sexual trauma.

Starting A Therapeutic Alliance

  • Our clinical coordinator reaches out to potential client to schedule quick 30 min phone intake.
  • Intakes serve as a method of obtaining relevant bio-psycho-social factors and symptomatology.
  • After intake- potential client is scheduled for psychiatric evaluation with an affiliated psychiatrist.
  • Finally, client is then matched to community therapist who best reflects skills and experience to meet client needs.


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