Evelyn Polcari

Evelyn Polcari is a Director at Kayne Anderson Real Estate (KA Real Estate), a boutique private equity firm and the Director of Development at the Headstrong Project, a nonprofit organization bringing free, world-class mental health care to veterans coping with the psychological wounds of war. In 2018, Ms. Polcari was recruited by KA Real Estate’s CEO for her quiet leadership, and high regard as a trusted advisor to senior leaders and passionate advocate for-the-people.

Prior to Kayne, Ms. Polcari joined the Headstrong Project’s founding team in 2012 when it launched its pilot program and set a new standard of success for treating our veterans. Ms. Polcari’s career began over thirty years ago on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where she started as a Page and worked her way up to become the first Latino and eighth female member of the NYSE at 25. When she left Wall Street, she pursued new paths in advocacy and philanthropic work, focusing on core cause areas including child advocacy, parent and family support, mental health and special needs, education, the creative arts, and intercultural advocacy. Ms. Polcari studied Psychology at Pace University. She met her husband on the floor of the NYSE; they have two daughters.