Headstrong’s Promise to Those Battling Trauma

Together we will get through this. We will not let anyone fall behind.

Members of the military live through things that most people simply can not understand or recognize. Indeed, they live through things they struggle to understand and recognize themselves. And so when our service men and women take up the fight for their emotional peace, It’s important for them to know that their comrades and communities will not leave them behind. As they enter into this new battle, they need to know that their bond with family, friends, and their community, stands as strong as ever. Their wounds may not be visible, but we still won’t allow them to bear those wounds alone, hidden from help. At Headstrong we pride ourselves in being clinical experts who are deeply in touch with the emotional state wellbeing of those we serve. Our program is one-of-a kind, deeply impactful, with nearly 1,000 veterans  currently in our care across the country. Headstrong is creating accessible pathways for veterans to receive mental health treatment. During this crisis Headstrong continues to serve the veteran community by: *Transitioning to tele-mental health engagement, lowering the barriers for veterans to get into care and treatment.
*Leveraging its network of more than 250 clinicians across 28 program communities nationwide to increase the number of veterans under our care.

And our commitment does not stop there.

This is our promise to those battling trauma:

We will stand shoulder to shoulder in this fight. We know this adversary. We’ve overcome it before. We are worthy allies. We have the map. We know the plan. Together we will get through this. We will not let anyone fall behind. That is our promise. And with your help we can keep that promise.

To continue to support this highly effective model for treating PTSD and its related health conditions, we need allies of all kinds to continue to scale and thrive.

Very respectfully,

Colonel (USA, Ret.) Jim McDonough

Executive Director


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