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What’s my role:
As the Senior Director of Growth Marketing, my responsibilities will include building digital marketing campaigns that drive engagement, donor growth and social audiences at scale. Headstrong has such an amazing story and mission – it’s time to make sure that everyone knows who we are and how they can support our growing organization. My primary focus will be to build a small-donor network to improve our inbound revenue pipeline and social follower counts. From there, I hope to work with our Development and Communications teams to help find new ways to be strategic with content deployment so we can deliver our message to the right audience, in the right medium, every time, in real time.

What I like most about Headstrong:
Throughout my career, I have sought to work for leadership teams with heart and a sense of purpose. So often, the metrics overtake the mission. At Headstrong, everyone from leadership to our providers are aligned with our strategic goals. That sense of duty, alignment and understanding will drive growth and performance for years to come – and I want to be a part of that success story.

What I like to do in my spare time:
My family shares a passion for travel. We love to experience new cultures and eat all sorts of new tasty foods. So whether it’s sitting at a cafe in Paris or hiking in the Rockies, we love to get out and explore. When I’m at home, I enjoy playing golf poorly and, in the winter, snowboarding and skiing. I consider myself to be a decent cook, a pretty excellent BBQ’er and an expert in the finer nerdy details of Star Wars.