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Why I joined Headstrong: I was fortunate enough to have consulted for Headstrong back in 2017, establishing some of the operational functions that still exist today. I’m thrilled to have found my way back, the growth of the organization and dedicated team are a big part of the reason I’m excited to have another opportunity to work with Headstrong. I’m also a veteran and I’ve had my own challenges with anxiety throughout the years. Headstrong’s mission is very personal to me! I believe that access to mental health care for our military community is vital to living, healing, and thriving!

What’s my role (feel free to describe): Sr. Director of Finance is my title and my role will be focused on supporting the financial operations of the organization – this could look like tackling the everyday needs when it comes to the basic financial ops needs of the business, to future growth planning. Being dynamic within a small organization I find is paramount to its success, having the capacity and mindset to shift gears or learn a new function creates greater knowledge of how an org operates to be able to support holistic growth. I’m sure each day will look different, I welcome that!

What I like most about Headstrong: The people! Everyone is committed to the mission of supporting veteran mental health and there is a passion that you can clearly feel when speaking with anyone on the team!

What I like to do in my spare time: My spare time is fleeting with two young children and two dogs. I have a passion for running, or maybe it’s a love and hate relationship with running, still trying to determine! I do find running is a great way to explore old and new places. I enjoy anything outdoors really, from hiking to gardening. I also love to travel and my most favorite thing to eat is a Thai dish, Panang Curry with Chicken.