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Why I joined Headstrong:

I have long wanted to work with an organization that is doing good. Bit of nourishing the soul kind of thing. Headstrong is doing great work and while I believe mental health care is becoming more and more important with every year that passes, looking after our nation’s armed forces service people in particular is absolutely a cause I can get behind. On a more selfish note, Headstrong also happened to check just about every box I was looking for in my next career move, especially in terms of being a part of something that is growing and evolving so that I can help build something great.

What’s my role:
Director, Information Technology
What I like most about Headstrong:
Definitely the mission, but I have to admit I’ve liked every person I’ve talked to at the get go which is a pretty amazing thing.
What I like to do in my spare time:
Exercise, outdoor runs with my dog, hang time with the family, and anything that is hands-on, home-improvement type of work.