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Why I joined Headstrong: Working with veterans has been a passion of mine since working
with “Veterans Without Homes” in Fayetteville N.C. After reading about the organization and its
mission statement I knew this was the place I wanted to be. My long-term goal is to work with
veterans, service members, and first responders, providing quality and barrier-free services to those in need.

What’s my role: I am joining headstrong as a Clinical Care Coordinator, and I am excited to be
part of the team.

What I like most about Headstrong: I like that Headstrong provides barrier-free and cost-free mental health services
because that’s not something you typically see. Normalizing the provision of quality care for our
veterans and service members is very important, and I appreciate Headstrong for making sure that happens.

What I like to do in my spare time: In my spare time, I like to go for long hikes, run long
distances, and learn new sports. I also enjoy the views from the Manitou Incline which I try to
climb often. I recently started playing tennis which has been so much fun. Winter is my favorite