Matt McCoy

Matt McCoy


Matthew McCoy is the Digital Content Manager at the Headstrong Project.

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Get familiar with one of Headstrong’s newest team members. Katya is our Business Operations Manager, and will focus on Human Resources, Finance, and Operations. Learn more about her journey below!

Why I joined Headstrong:

I joined Headstrong first and foremost because I believe in the life changing impact mental health care can have on the individual.  And, unfortunately, finding access to quality, stigma-free mental health services, particularly for our country’s veterans, continues to be difficult for many people.  Headstrong is working to change this.  Additionally, as both a clinician and a former non-profit manager, I was impressed by the caliber of services offered and the innovation demonstrated by the Headstrong team to deliver the organization’s mission. I was honored to be offered the opportunity to come on board!

What’s my role:

My present title is Business Operations Manager. Working closely with the Lois Slubowski, Deputy Director of Human Resources and Business Operations, I provide support in the following areas: Human Resource, Finance, and Operations.  My job is to ensure the organization’s day to day operations run fluidly and efficiently!

What I like most about Headstrong:

The People!  I have yet to leave a Headstrong staff meeting without learning something new from my colleagues.  Everyone is incredibly engaged and committed to bringing new ideas to the table that will bring the organization to the next level. It is an inspiring place to work!

What I like to do in my spare time:

 I love spending time outdoors, especially with my beloved Pug Pasha!  Unbeknownst to him, I do have other interests including yoga, cooking, running, reading and travel.  I am also the daughter of Francophiles and grew up speaking French at home.  I try to get back to France every summer to visit with friends and family!