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A Veteran Reaches Out

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Tailored Treatment Begins


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At Headstrong, we firmly believe that if you have the courage to get help, and get the right help, you can overcome the hidden wounds or war. Lets get moving today!


Intake And Stabilize

Headstrong does an initial phone intake. The client is provided a one-time in-person psychiatric evaluation. The client begins trauma therapy.



The client works on military trauma symptoms with their clinician utilizing EMDR, CBT, motivational interviewing, etc. to begin to process the trauma.



The client begins to become asymptomatic and is able to get back to a better version of themselves.


Become An Ambassador

The majority of new Headstrong clients are referred to our services by a current/former client.


The Rest of Your Life

Continue to serve by supporting Headstrong! Feel free to introduce us to your philanthropically focused networks.


     “I’m really fortunate to be where I’m right now, both personally and professionally, and a lot of that is due to the help I got from Headstrong.”

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