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Reaching Unprecidented

2016 - 2021



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Reaching New Ground

Headstrong’s clinical network is aligned with the VA’s Veteran Integrated Service Network (VISN) infrastructure to better meet local health care needs and provide greater access to care.



Reaching Full

Headstrong 2025 is broken down into four phases over a four-year period to create a feasible and sensible expansion and growth trajectory to guide the organization forward.

Headstrong 5-Year Strategy


Reaching Maximum Impact


Reaching Higher:

The quality of Headstrong’s trauma treatment program can be measured directly through our clinical outcomes and direct patient feedback. Our organization strives to provide quality care with progressive outcomes that speak directly to the mission of Headstrong.

Reaching Wider:

Headstrong is committed to providing uninterrupted access to our mental healthcare services across all of our program markets. Through a combination of our rapid intake process and direct access to world-class clinicians, Headstrong can effectively offer direct treatment services.

Reaching Deeper:

With a robust hybrid clinical care model, Headstrong provides high quality of care and uninterrupted access. The combination of these two foundational pillars support the value of our program. Our clients feel strongly about what Headstrong can offer and will regularly refer other veterans to our organization.



"Within a week, they had me in for my initial screening and matched me with a therapist. With the guidance of my therapist, I have now been able to better understand exactly what I am battling. Headstrong and my therapist helped me turn my life around. And for this, me and family will forever be grateful.”

– Jenna R.

"I returned home in mid-2003 and never saw Iraq again, but the war left with me. Fortunately, I was able to get treatment at Headstrong and deal with the feelings of depression that came with those thoughts. I was able to turn a bad experience into a positive one and open up my life to now help my brothers and sisters in arms.”

– Aaron G.

“I really started advocating for veterans, but also my fellow caregivers because being a caregiver means finding the balance between selfless and selfish. Caregivers need a support system too and that’s the biggest takeaway I have from all of this. Veterans carry the burden of war home and their spouses and children are the ones to help them unpack that. It's crucial that we address the mental health needs of not only veterans, but their families and loved ones too.

– Faun


Comprehensive, confidential and effective mental 
healthcare for military veterans


Help us heal the hidden wounds 
of war